5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately


5 things loving lately top pic

1. OPI Bubble Bath

This understated opaque pastel is a staple! Bubble Bath goes on smooth, not streaky, and the pale pink shade hides chips well. It adds just a little something-something to your nails when you want your paws to look put together. I have Bubble Bath in the Infinite Shine formula, but it’s also in the regular OPI formula, too.

That’s OPI Bubble Bath on the left

2. Wardrobe essentials

Speaking of staples, I watched this video on wardrobe essentials by Erin from Busbee Style the other morning while I was eating breakfast, and it was a good reminder of how having clothing basics around makes it so much easier to get dressed! Note to self: buy some new camisoles.

3. Striped pajamas

This pink and cream striped set is from Target, and it’s so soft!

4. Mugs upon mugs of TJ’s Blood Orange Rooibos Tea

So I’m usually a coffee kinda gal first thing in the morning, but as the day goes on, I switch to decaf tea to avoid the jitters. Lately all I’ve been wanting to drink is the Blood Orange Rooibos Tea from Trader Joe’s. It’s lovely, rich and just a touch sweet.

trader joes blood orange rooibos tea shelf

5. Pachinko

I found this series randomly on Apple TV, and it was so good!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



P.P.S. I’m still building those happiness muscles. For day seven, the two things I’m grateful for are 1) cold medicine (everyone in my house has the sniffles right now), and 2) having a flexible job that allows me to watch Connor at home when she’s not feeling well. Heck, even just having a job is so, so great! I’m very thankful.


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